Eritrea is a Blessed Pios Nation

On January 4, 2024, the State Department reclassified Eritrea, citing religious freedom concerns. Despite adversities, Eritrea stands resilient, united, & independent, drawing global attention.

Eritrea is a Blessed Pios Nation
Mosque and Church in One

Amanuel Biedemariam January 6, 2024

On January 4, 2024, the State Department reclassified Eritrea as a "country of particular concern" in regard to religious freedom. This article was originally written in 2013 in response to a similar accusation.

Eritrea is a Blessed Pios Nation

My close friend once compared Eritrea to a beautiful young woman who captivates everyone with her charm. This comparison seems fitting after 33 years of Eritrean independence. Eritrea is like a precious gem that continues to attract obsessive interest from outsiders. However, the true custodians of this gem - the people of Eritrea - understand its value and are determined to protect it at any cost.

As a kid growing up in Eritrea, I grew up surrounded by Mosques and Churches that sounded the calls of prayers daily. I witnessed the devout nature of the mothers and fathers who flocked to these spiritual centers. Ultimately, the prayers and blessings of these mothers and fathers served as the backbone of the fighters and the nation that bled to liberate Eritrea from the shackles of colonialism. After independence, the mothers and fathers of Eritrea never stopped praying, and that prayer has become the coating that made Eritrea impenetrable.

For more than 33 years, enemies have tried to break the people of Eritrea with various causes and challenges without stopping. These challenges, intended to destroy Eritrea, have failed consistently again and again for many reasons: the blessing of Allah/God, the steadfast unity of the people of Eritrea, the prayers of the parents, the idea of putting the common good before self, selflessness; the awareness that the mass needs to be conscious, informed, educated and armed; faith in self-reliance and finding ways to act on that faith; Eritrean pride and, ultimately the happiness in a shared journey.

No other country, especially an African country, could have endured the onslaught of harmful attempts aimed at the people of Eritrea and survived. Eritrea survived and continues to resist these harmful attempts because the people are united. Eritrea realized long ago that unity is the key to preserving this beautiful gem. Eritrea learned they could only respect and reward the martyred by being united. They have learned that the way to protect the legacies of the martyred and to keep it alive means protecting Eritrea, the gem that the martyrs gave life to. And by God/Allah's grace, Eritrea shines brighter no matter the challenge.

In a brief 33 years of independence, US interests and the murderous regimes in Ethiopia made numerous attempts to ruin Eritrea. These included sabotages, needless military adventures that cost the lives of millions over decades, internationally orchestrated sanctions, threats to the Diaspora communities, and more. 

The goal is to portray Eritrea as a typical African country: unstable and plagued by chronic instability. The truth, however, is that the people of Eritrea are much more competent and beyond the international community’s comprehension of what the country and the people are about. Eritrea is a beautiful, peaceful country enriched by people who surpass all the wealth and resources it could discover. Eritrea achieved independence because the people knew their aspirations and how to realize them. Eritrea remains the only sovereign nation in Africa that can make her decisions undisturbed by the interference and difficulties that come from the same sources repeatedly.

That is their issue. The independent spirit of the people of Eritrea has posed a serious challenge to how the West and others controlled Africa for centuries. It is a fact that Africa has never been given the chance to experience both failures and successes or explore its full potential. To stop Africa from choosing its destiny, they eliminated leaders and institutions to the extent that the current leaders of Africa are just puppets used to justify the re-colonization of Africa in the international scene. In some resource-rich countries of Africa, to get a mining license, one has to apply in the UK or France. That’s how much sovereignty they have.

The people of Eritrea have followed an independent and progressive path by building a strong social bond and a solid physical infrastructure that can support future development. But more importantly, the people of Eritrea have a resilient mindset that cannot be broken.

This is because, from the beginning, the people of Eritrea realized they had to rely on themselves. For decades, when Eritrea was burned and brutalized, Africans did nothing to help, citing non-interference, while millions were killed and uprooted.

Eritreans understood then that their enemies wanted to destroy Eritrea and realized that only Eritreans could save Eritrea. Throughout their history, Eritreans have faced numerous challenges and hardships. However, after decades of struggle, they have achieved great accomplishments and celebrate by chanting "Victory to The Masses" at every stage. Whether they are experiencing joy or sorrow, Eritreans proudly proclaim that they are still standing and that no one can stop them.

The saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Eritreans have turned all the harmful plots designed to scare, confuse, and annoy them into sources of strength. Eritreans have been using them to discern the truth and, in doing so, expose lies. This process has revealed the hostile forces and served as a purification method for Eritrea. It has also heightened their level of vigilance and forced the country to keep and enhance its defenses beyond what its enemies expected.

Conclusion: When Eritrean mosques were destroyed and thousands killed, no one spoke up for religious freedom. When Eritrea was attacked, no one defended Eritrea. When Ethiopia dropped napalm bombs on Eritrea, it was considered an internal African issue that Ethiopia could handle as it pleased. After Eritrea gained its independence and fostered harmony among its people, the State Department is trying to destabilize Eritrea using religion as an excuse.

How come Eritrea, gets so much attention from the U.S. government and its foreign policy? It is because Eritrea has achieved something remarkable. Eritrea is one of the most respected and up-and-coming nations in the world. People only attempt to undermine, judge, and offend you when you are accomplished and influential. Eritrea is a blessed nation that will continue to be blessed because of all the prayers. Eritrea will prevail because of the people's generosity, perseverance, belief, hard work, dedication, and commitment. Eritrea will thrive because Eritreans are one and know how to deal with hardships together in an uncommon way.

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