Eritrea's Martyrs Day: Remembering the Unyielding Struggle for Freedom and Hope

Remembering Eritrea's martyrs: Defiant souls battling oppression, confronting a sinister agenda to depopulate and destroy. Rooted in a legacy of bravery & perseverance, their sacrifice shapes a brighter future.

Eritrea's Martyrs Day: Remembering the Unyielding Struggle for Freedom and Hope

Amanuel Biedemariam

On Eritrea's Martyrs Day, we remember the profound sacrifices made by the brave souls who fought against the oppressive forces that sought to undermine the nation's future. Eritreans faced a phantom coward enemy that left an eternal mark, utilizing the UN and exploiting Haile Sellassie and Ethiopia to infiltrate Eritrea. Even after independence, this enemy persisted, using the Tigray People's Liberation Front to continue its destructive path, shedding the blood of innocent Eritrean youth.

Their sinister agenda aimed to depopulate Eritrea, transforming it into a deserted country devoid of its native inhabitants. However, the suffering and death inflicted upon Eritrea are not an anomaly; it is deeply rooted in a criminal legacy, ingrained in the DNA of an oppressive mindset that relishes killing women and children and tearing families apart. It embodies the core of a colonizer's mentality and the brutality of a Holocaust perpetrator.

Yet, despite the immense challenges, the people of Eritrea have displayed unwavering commitment and made tremendous sacrifices. Their struggle is one for survival, continuation, and ending the colonizers' oppressive ways. They strive to create a new Africa where African children own and shape their own destinies.

For Eritrea, every day is a Martyrs Day. Independence is celebrated as a result the victories achieved as the result of their sacrifices. When Bahti Meskerem is commemorated, it honors the torch they lit for the journey toward freedom. And when Festivals are embraced, Eritreans walk in their footsteps, reaffirming the spirit of the struggle and the path toward a brighter future.

The indomitable spirit of Eritrea's martyrs lives on, inspiring the nation to persevere, overcome, and create a better tomorrow for all Eritreans.