Is It Safe to Fly on Ethiopian Airlines? What are the Alternatives?

Discover safety risks & alternative flights for Eritrean travelers amidst Ethiopian tensions. Select Concierge ensures secure travel solutions

Is It Safe to Fly on Ethiopian Airlines? What are the Alternatives?

Mira Patel December 11, 2023

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For Eritrean travelers, ensuring a safe journey is paramount. However, recent developments in Ethiopia have raised concerns about the safety of flying through the country, particularly with Ethiopian Airlines. At Select Concierge Travel Agency, we prioritize your safety and well-being. In light of this, we aim to provide comprehensive information and alternative flight options for your travel needs.

Current Situation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is currently experiencing civil unrest and internal conflicts. Recent clashes between government forces and ethnic groups such as OLA, Amhara, and Fano heightened tensions in various regions, including Addis Ababa. The complexities between ethnic divisions and government disputes have increased the vulnerability of Eritreans in Ethiopia, echoing concerns reminiscent of past turbulent times.

Safety Concerns for Eritreans

Eritreans have reported instances of targeting and price gouging, especially at Bole Airport, signifying potential risks faced by Eritrean travelers within Ethiopia. Ethiopian Airlines, a reputable carrier globally, has unfortunately become entangled in political undertones, affecting Eritrean passengers and their travel experiences.

Looking Beyond Ethiopian Airlines

While Ethiopian Airlines remains a prominent carrier in Africa, the politicization of air travel poses challenges for Eritrean passengers. It's crucial to acknowledge that Eritreans, as paying customers, deserve fair treatment and safety assurance during their travels.

Exploring alternative flight routes and carriers might be advisable to safeguard against potential risks and ensure a smoother travel experience. For instance, considering recently announced flight options, such as the biweekly flights from Jeddah to Asmara starting January 2024, could provide safer and more comfortable travel alternatives for Eritrean flyers.

At Select Concierge Travel Agency, our dedication lies in furnishing comprehensive details, aiding in flight selection, and ensuring your safety while organizing your travels. We strongly advocate for Eritrean travelers to widen their flight horizons beyond Ethiopian Airlines, particularly in light of the ongoing complexities in Ethiopia.

For instance, flynas is set to commence two weekly direct flights from Jeddah to Asmara, Eritrea's capital, starting January 17. This presents an excellent alternative to Ethiopian Airlines. Additionally, numerous other airlines offer routes to Eritrea, allowing travelers to circumvent potential challenges and excessive charges often encountered by Ethiopian Airlines. Companies such as EgyptAir, flydubai, Sudan Airways, Tarco Aviation, and Turkish Airlines provide viable options.

Securing flights in advance and seeking guidance from experienced travel agents versed in Ethiopian flight bookings can also prove invaluable in ensuring a smoother travel experience while avoiding potential hardships.


Amidst the uncertainty, prioritizing safety in travel decisions becomes paramount. We strongly advise Eritrean travelers to remain vigilant, explore alternative flight options, and reach out to our agency for personalized assistance in securing safer travel arrangements.

At Select Concierge Travel Agency, your safety is our utmost priority. We are committed to guiding you through these challenges, ensuring a secure and pleasant travel experience. Feel free to rely on our expertise to navigate the complexities and secure your journey toward a worry-free travel experience.


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