No need to reason with a Megalomaniac!

PM Abiy Ahmed Ali's Actions are betrayal. His statements and actions are sparking resilience and invigorating nationalism everywhere

No need to reason with a Megalomaniac!

 Tesfay  Aradom, PhD                

The Ethiopian PM, it seems, has decided to commit the ultimate act of betrayal against the Government and people of Eritrea. One can probably surmise the reasons that motivated him to publicly display such belligerent, reckless, and blatantly despicable behavior. His futile attempts to “explain” his diabolical plan keep pushing him further down into the quagmire of his own creation.  His behavior is certainly unbecoming of a prime minister and a Nobel laureate for peace. A warmonger does not deserve such a coveted prize and should, therefore, be rescinded immediately.

One can safely surmise that the motive for his reckless behavior is to divert attention from the internal economic and political debacle that he and his Prosperity party are responsible for. Needless to say, Ethiopia has descended into a failed state as a result of his megalomaniacal and duplicitous character.  His bravado and provocative language are meant to mask his untenable plan.

For Eritrea's peace-loving but resilient and courageous people, unfazed by his sophomoric sermons, it is business as usual.  The people of Eritrea remain focused on their nation's economic development, social stability, and regional economic and political cooperation. His desperate attempts to drive a wedge between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia through relentless social media manipulation and a barrage of revisionist historical narratives by his party cadres, ministers, and generals will definitely fall on deaf ears.  The people of Ethiopia will not be easily hoodwinked and will mount a strong resistance against his pugnacious behavior. They will also remain appreciative of the selfless and admirable intervention by the government and people of Eritrea when their country was in a dire situation and on the verge of disintegration.

It is evident that based on their intentionally distorted historical and political narratives, the Ethiopian PM, his prosperity party, and emotionally unstable media pundits have tried to explore and exhaust every legal and historical option to advance their expansionist dream and sinister plan. Having found none, they resorted to subterfuge to threaten a nation's sovereignty and territorial integrity and potentially wreak havoc on the political and economic stability of the region.

 It is beyond the scope of this brief article to delve into and analyze the historical and legal arguments in defense of Eritrea. Its sovereignty, economic and political viability, and revered regional and international status are indisputable. 

November  18, 2023

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