The Western media Economist published an article on date 26th May 2022 titled Containing Eritrea the North Korea of Africa and that sanctions should be reimposed on Isaias Afwerki's regime.

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The North Korea of Africa?

Referring to Eritrea as the North Korea of Africa should not be taken negatively the way Americans portray it. When you look at the supreme leader King Jong Un, he cannot be intimidated by the West. He is not apologetic about his leadership. As an African woman, I see someone ruling his country the way he best knows how and if not kowtowing to the West makes him a dictator, so be it.

Comparing Eritrea to North Korea is good because Afwerki is not bowing down to these neo-colonialists in the West. According to the West, any leader not taking matching orders from them is considered a dictator and should be sanctioned.

So why does the West Isolate Eritrea?

Is it because apart from being independent of the former colony Italy, she is also independent of US Imperialism? Is it because Eritrea's independence is dangerous to US interests? Is it because Eritrea hasn't been subjected to the US scheming neo-liberal capitalism? Is it because President Afwerki is an independent thinker? Is it because he chose self-reliance over dependency? Is it because he did not allow the economic terrorists IMF and World Bank to control Eritrea's economy?

Sanctions to be reimposed on Isaias Afwerki.

According to Imperialist USA, any African head of state that is good to his people and is a stooge to them is considered a dictator and should be sanctioned.

President Afwerki has kept his country away from the US's exploitative nature for three decades. So why should the West reimpose sanctions on this great man, a true son of the soil?

Is it because he doesn't travel around Europe begging for useless aid here and there? Is it because he's protecting Eritrea's Sovereignty? Is it because he doesn't allow military bullying? Is it because, despite the sanctions, Eritrea's economy continues to thrive?

Is it because he demands partnership over Eritrea's resources that benefit the entire nation, something most African heads of state rarely do? They let Westerners control our resources and mines. Or is it because he restricted/banned Western NGOs that have for many years destroyed African nations that allowed them in?

President Afwerki demands respect, dignity, and honor for his nation. Eritrea's bad image from the Western Media.

There is no doubt that today whenever you google anything about Eritrea, you most likely won't find anything positive. It is always about genocide, escaping Eritrea, killing people, arrests, and so on, when in a real sense, the opposite is happening.

The Western mainstream media has manipulated and brainwashed Africans into thinking that Eritrea is a prison camp.

Asmara, the country's capital, is also one of Africa's safest and cleanest cities. No gun violence the way it happens in the USA, zero crimes, and women and children are highly respected and protected. Eritrea has a higher literacy rate than Japan, Egypt, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Higher life expectancy than in Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Malawi, and Angola.

In 2020 when the entire world was subjected to a scam of a pandemic, COVID-19, and the killer vaccines, Eritrea was the only country in Africa that did not mandate the Covid vaccine. The government allowed citizens to choose whether to take the vaccine or not. Eritrea was also the only country that voted in favor of Russia during the Ukraine-Russia war when almost the entire continent of Africa supported the money laundering of the corrupt USA in Ukraine.

Why Election and Democracy in Africa are NOT Important.

For the past three decades, Eritrea hasn't held any elections. What is the point of having an election when that is the gateway the US uses to continue its neo-colonialism agenda in Africa?

In most of Africa's elections, the US always has its preferred candidate that they support, and coincidentally these candidates ultimately end up winning those elections. That is what we have seen in the last year 2022 and 2023 general elections that happened in Kenya and Nigeria.

Every house negro in Eritrea wants everything. Americans have a democracy, election, constitution, etc., not knowing that Democracy is making our mother continent, Africa, lag.

Democracy is an illusion that doesn't exist.

Even the gods of democracy in Washington DC don't seem to practice what they preach and we all witnessed that during the Covid era.

Kenya is seen as the most democratic nation in East Africa; recently, the President created 50 CAS positions that are unnecessary and unconstitutional to reward his political friends that got rejected from the ballot by the people. The vote that some Eritreans want to cast so badly is also never on the ballot.

Let African leaders choose the mode of leadership that is best suited for their country. We do not need always to do whatever Americans are doing. We can always create our system designed by us for us and that is exactly what President Afwerki is doing.

It is Afwerki's rules; it is his house. We can only rally behind and support him, for he has proven to be a true Pan-Africanist and Nationalist that cares for his people and nation.

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