Why Eritreans Need to Appreciate Writing and Writers More Than Ever

Writing is vital in shaping how we see people & places. Western media has given an unfair view of Eritrea. The article highlights the importance of writing, & urges Eritreans to invest in it.

Why Eritreans Need to Appreciate Writing and Writers More Than Ever

Why Eritreans Need to Appreciate Writing and Writers More Than Ever

Amanuel Biedemariam


Writing is crucial in shaping our perception of people and places. Western media has unfairly portrayed Eritrea, leading to a biased view of the country. Amanuel Biedemariam stresses the importance of writing for communication, expression, and creativity, encouraging Eritreans to invest in their written works. Through his platform, Nefasitpost.com, Biedemariam aims to empower individuals to contribute to the region's development.

Do people in our community understand the significance of writing? Unfortunately, our detractors have written negative things about us. If you search for information about Eritrea, you will mostly find negative information that paints a bad picture of the country. The information is based on narratives that aim to demonize the government and promote regime change. Even if you look for topics like sports, entertainment, or community, you will find negative information before positive. It's a sad reality.

The solution is simple: write more about different topics related to Eritrea and share accurate information online. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. The Ministry can only do so much to counter the negative portrayal of Eritrea in various articles written by numerous outlets and individuals. This concerted effort to defame and demonize Eritrea has resulted in a biased depiction of the country in the West, leading to a predominance of negative information when people research Eritrea.

The act of writing serves numerous purposes, including communication, learning, expression, creativity, and influence. It allows individuals to effectively convey their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas through mediums such as letters, emails, blog posts, and books. Additionally, writing is a valuable tool for acquiring knowledge by researching, analyzing, and synthesizing information from various sources. Through writing, individuals can express themselves creatively and share their personal stories, emotions, and perspectives with others. Writing empowers individuals to influence and persuade others through speeches, essays, and novels. It fosters imagination and creativity by enabling individuals to create new worlds, characters, and scenarios.

Writing is crucial in security, defense, and shaping narratives while providing creative and educational value. It can help individuals protect themselves and their interests during times of conflict or crisis by documenting facts and evidence, reporting incidents and events, exposing wrongdoings and injustices, and proposing solutions and strategies. Additionally, writing facilitates peaceful conflict resolution through dialogue, negotiation, and mediation.

Moreover, writing is essential for correcting false narratives and spreading truthful information. It counters misinformation and propaganda that those with malicious intentions or hidden agendas often spread. By verifying the accuracy and reliability of sources, checking the validity and logic of arguments, identifying the biases and fallacies of claims, and presenting alternative or opposing views, writing promotes the education of ourselves and others about the truth and reality of situations, issues, and problems that affect us.

Many Eritreans living abroad do not realize the importance of writing. While we quickly criticize Western media for their biases and misinformation about Eritrea, we have not done enough to counter them effectively. Writing is a powerful tool that can help counter biases and enrich our lives and society, but it requires hard work, dedication, resources, and time.

I have been writing for over twenty years to present accurate history for the next generation and counter negative views on the internet. Despite my efforts, I have been perplexed by the lack of attention to writing by those who can do more. Only a handful of individuals, including Ambassador Sophia Tesfamariam, Dr. Ghideon Abay Asmerom, Mike Seium, Elias Amare, and myself, have consistently contributed to this cause. I am sure there are others. Writing may require sacrifice, but it is a duty and a way to give back to our community.

I have noticed that writing does not hold much importance in our community, and unfortunately, we do not give it the recognition and support it deserves. This is evident as we have not made any significant investments toward it, resulting in a lack of viable media representation outside of our community.

Many writers feel discouraged due to the lack of support, affecting experienced writers and new ones. I have never been approached by anyone who wants to know how they can improve Eritrea's written content. We must invest in our written works, such as articles, essays, books, and blogs, and explore different ways to publish and share them.

We have a promising future ahead of us, and to make sure Eritrea reaches its full potential, we need to utilize all the tools at our disposal instead of solely relying on platforms like YouTube and TikTok for information. Let's focus on promoting writing and supporting those who take the lead.

To this end, I have created the Nefasitpost.com newsletter that addresses the entire region and partnered with writers from Kenya, Europe, Ethiopia, and globally.

After the fall of the TPLF, Eritrea's role in the region has become prominent. I believe we can do more, especially with the partnerships we have created with the diaspora communities from the region.


One way to motivate and inspire writers is to show them appreciation and support. We can achieve this by following them on social media, reading their work, leaving reviews, recommending their content to others, and sending them personal thank-you messages. It's also essential to create our own stories that accurately represent our community positively. By doing so, we can shape our narrative and acknowledge those who have uplifted us with their words. Writing is a valuable skill that has numerous benefits for individuals and communities. You can submit your articles there if you want to share your views and contribute to Nefasitpost.com's newsletter.

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