For decades now, the focus has been on girl child empowerment. From education to climbing the corporate ladder. Women have had their fair share of opportunities which is a positive thing. In today's modern world, everyone should be educated, regardless of gender.

The Future is Female.

This slogan is from the scam radical and toxic feminism movement that women have breaking their necks competing with men. We know as women, we need men. We need men as our leaders, protectors, and providers as we follow.

In 2020 when the late Tanzanian President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli died immediately after his burial, Deputy President Madam Samia Suluhu was sworn in as the President of the Republic of Tanzania. From all corners of our Mother Continent, Africa, and the world, congratulatory messages came to President Samia. She made history as the First Female President of the Republic of Tanzania and East Africa. It was all rosy as women were encouraged to push even harder to become their best version because clearly “the future is now female,” they say.

If Women Leaders can not be any different from men, then just remain in the “kitchen.

Women are naturally known to be nurturers, caregivers, loyal followers, and homemakers. We are receivers that turn houses into beautiful, lively homes, to mention a few wonderful things we can do. However, there is no need to push women into top leadership positions to do everything men do. Having women in top positions do the same thing men do doesn't make any difference.

Since President Suluhu came into power, she has done everything most sellouts and colonial stooges, the neo-colonialism enablers disguised as African leaders, have done. Selling our Mother Continent, Africa, to Imperialists in the West. It is on rare occasions that we had Gaddafi of Libya, Sankara of Burkina Faso, Nkurunzinza of Burundi, Nkrumah of Ghana, Lumumba of the great Congo, and Magufuli of Tanzania, mention a few of the great Pan-Africanists men God blessed our Continent with that protected their Nation's sovereignty from the jaw's of Imperialists but unfortunately they did stay that long as they were assassinated.

The vast majority of African Presidents today are colonial stooges that report to terrorists in Washington DC, so having a woman President does exactly what these male puppets have been doing for decades makes women's leadership a mediocre and not anything different to learn, inspire or emulate.

President Suluhu has done the opposite of what the late President Magufuli did while protecting his country Tanzania. The late President did not travel outside Africa begging for aid and did not borrow loans from the economic saboteurs IMF and World Bank. He protected his people from the scam of the planned pandemic COVID-19 and the killer vaccines and did he take matching orders from Imperialists USA?

President Suluhu has done the very same things the rest of African Stooges do to ascend and remain in power while keeping the neo-colonialists' interests as a priority. She has borrowed from the economic terrorists IMF, made Tanzanians take the Covid vaccines, and recently approved the displacement of the Maasai community from their ancestral land in Loliondo just to please her Wealthy Muslim friends from UAE. And on top of that, she allowed the Vice President of the USA, Madam Kamala Harris spread their so-called democracy and human rights that had Africa sinking to the ground.

Returning to Kenya, most women in Leadership sleep their way up to these top jobs. In most recent case, President Ruto created an illegal and unconstitutional position of CAS for security for his female political friend Madam Millicent Omanga. During the 2022 election campaigns, Kenyans watched her shaking her behind shamelessly without saying anything meaningful. Most recently, her nudes found their way on Twitter streets unprovoked. It is on rare occasions women qualify for these top jobs.

In Africa, we are used to our colonial clerks, mostly men selling off our Continent to neo-colonialists, the US, and the EU. A good example happened this year, the US-Africa summit. Africans watched and listened to our Presidents putting the last nail in the coffin signing everything about Africa to the USA.

There is no need to have women join the men in selling our future to the West. Then again, I do not blame us women; we are naturally followers. We are just doing our role and duty as women.

If Women can not be different when it comes to leadership, especially in a high position like the Presidency, by protecting our continent from the colonizers because clearly, the men have failed, they are being tossed around like toys; then we should go back in the 'kitchen.'

Let us women not be part of the team that ganged up and sold off Africa to US and EU.